St Ives

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St Ives, in Cornwall, is my favourite holiday destination. Especially for my birthday at the end of January.
Renting a holiday cottage in The Digey affords me room to accommodate my family for two weeks.

Alfred Wallis grave at Barnoon cemetery. Designed by Bernard Leach                 Gazelle: Diana Forest.  St Ives artist                                                                    Cafe Frug on thursday evenings. chaired by Bob Devereaux

 I-pad painting by Gazelle 1st Feb 2018 (Still Life and Me)
A drive down to the Lizard was made especially to meet Samvado, Cornwall's No1 stonecarver.
He gave me a tour of his studio/workshop and we enjoyed lunch at the Lizard Cafe.
Kennack sands furnished me with some stone to work on (still to happen).
I am amassing quite a collection of his 'stone books' which compliment my own considerabl amount of actual books.

updated 9 February 2018