City of Plymouth

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Plymouth is my hometown; however many years were spent away. Most of my Naval career was spent either in the Far East, Gosport, North Devon and closer in Ivybridge..
Returned to live in the City in 2001.

The Hoe
Many changes have been made to the Hoe front in the past few years; some not to the better.

View of the Ladie's Pool (built over as sunbathing area of Tinside Lido) and the kiddie's paddling pool (filled in).
Beside the kids pool can be seen what was the High Diving platform.


Men's pool before being filled in

Edwin Mckenzie, the tramp befriended by Robert.
embamed and kept in a drawer in Robert's studio

Underpass, Royal Parade, Plymouth. East Side
Sealed off in 2004
 The tiled mural of the history of historical events is still there hidden in the dark, sealed off, underground passage.

Underpass west side, Royal Parade Plymouth



The Underpass was sealed off to make way for a piazza next to Dingles Store.
At the time I wasn't in favour of the destruction; but it has proved to be be beneficial to the public.
Providing a large space for markets and ,in the summer a place to watch the tennis on the huge tv screen.                                        
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             These tiles were covered with fibreboard before the area was filled in.
  Photos will be added showing the piazza and crossing